Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You still the best I ever had...

Uhm...Vertical Horizon banget judulnya !!!
Pernah liat film Pretty Woman...? Salah satu adegan yang paling kuingat itu, waktu Richard Gere (Edward) mo balikin satu set perhiasan ke bagian receptionist saat dia mo check out. And then Mr. Lewis (petugas hotel) bilang : "Susah ya melepaskan sesuatu yg indah"
Uhm...that's what I've just realize today. I met my dear X-Man...not met but tepatnya I saw him from a distance, he was inside his blue car. I saw his smile, a lovely smile that i really love and missed so much. It's been a while we didn’t make any contact each other. Trying hard to ignore the feeling and accept the impossibility for us. Both of us had chosen our own way now...
For me... He's perfect, lengkap dengan segala kekurangannya...But He is Out of Reach now...
X-Man...I just hope you'll always be OK




Anonymous X man said...

ahem ... I am overwhelmed :">

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ho ho ho akulah pahlawan bertopeng .... X-MAN !!!!!

1:13 AM  

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