Thursday, December 21, 2006

(i'm not) a wonder woman...

Subject: to : wonder woman...

Dear Lvy....,

What does it really mean to be a wonder woman?
I do everything, I can be the best for everyone...that I love and like. Yet it seems like dat times is never enough.To be a wonder woman is to be a woman who doesn't compare herself to others.

She takes the initiative to look out for her success and tries to balance her life. She doesn't allow others to place her on a guilt trip because they think she ought to do this or that.

There’s will be a time that others don't agree with her choices, but if they love her they will come around. If they don't, its mean they don't truly love her and want her to be happy. Their opinions cannot count, only hers. It is her life and she makes the choices that are best for her.

A wonder woman is loving and giving as well as forgiving to others and herself. She sets limits and boundaries.

A wonder woman takes others into consideration. She has an unique qualities that make her what she is. Discovering those is part of life's adventures. She brings experience and insight to all around her, tempered with patience.

Her vision is broad, her heart is big, her mind is strong. She is just what the words imply, a "Wonder Woman".

You are a fine example of a "Wonder Woman" It is such an inspiration having you as a friend.
I miss you....'vy

(December 22 – on mother’s day)

***unexpected special present from my buddy on mother’s day. Really thank you, but I don’t wanna be a wonder woman anymore. Its better to be simply ordinary :D



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